Alone Again

As the third day of the third cycle comes,
I stood awake amidst the cold and darkness.
My pen dancing across these white sheets
Scribbling my love for you and
of the memories we’ve shared through
the time, though we are apart.
I felt blessed to have you in my heart.
What we have isn’t what I wanted
But this feeling that you have given me made me feel
That I am the most important person there is alive.
Then, you told me that you are no longer happy
And that you want to be free.
I must have been dreaming
when I thought we’d last longer.
Then, you don’t have to stay.
I wouldn’t be happy to see you chained to me
Yet wanting to break free.
If you wanna go, then don’t think about me.
Think of yourself.
If you must stay, let it be because you want to,
Not because you have to.
Let go of the commitment;
It’s useless to hold on to a bond that’s breaking.
Let go of the promises;
We might not be able to keep ‘em well.
Let go of the pity;
That isn’t what I want nor what I need.
It has always been like this:
I love. I lost.
I give my all, not keeping a thing to myself.
When they leave, I am left alone.
Broken and forlorn.
The pain all kept to myself.
My eyes are dry because the tears flow inside.
I fake a smile. I laugh. I make them believe I am alright.
Though I am dying.
My heart left broken in the rain.
Can’t be mended. Left unattended.
Dying alone. Left alone.
None to hold me. None to hear me.
No one but myself.
Alone again.


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