The Rain that Poured Today

I am a writer. I write for anyone and everyone who hires my service. But I am also a poet. And I only write poems for those that I deem worthy of my affection and every form of my deepest positive emotion. Because some things are better left unsaid but are best written.

The rain poured hard today and
As the dying will flame that it should be,
It did not wash away the stains that blemished my heart.
As the dark clouds rolled in,
My reasons were blocked by the deep concern
For the most sincere friendship we share.
Anger swelled against the betrayal of trust.
Indignance towards all the self-righteousness and pretense.
Sadness throbbed because of the separation which had been so sudden.
Disappointment grew for the plans that were left uncarried-out.
Tears flowed for the words left unspoken.
Loathsome brewed towards the unwholesome display of affection.
Disgust flickered towards the unwanted non-existing rivalry.
The rain that poured today should have cleaned all
That has blocked the flow of my spirit
As the dying will flame that it should be.
But the rain turned into a storm stirring those darkest emotions
That one feels over this butterfly effect of what seems
A chain of misfortune.
These ever-falling curtain of emotions taught me
That the only solid ground we have is where the
Same hearts stand.
When all these will be over, this self-same rain shall
Wash all these that what seem indelible.
And that will be the day when we shall see each other’s faces again
While laughing under the curtain of joy’s tears.
Because he who says that only sunshine brings happiness
Has never danced in the rain.


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