The Reunion

This is my second 100-word story. The first one I made was submitted it as an entry to Reader’s Digest Asia‘s contest last year, and sadly, I did not win. It is also now published on my blog.


Zeke ran as fast as he could. He was excited; it has been eight years since he last saw his best friend. College and graduate school had separated them. All lines of communications were broken.

He knocked on Czak’s door, and it opened.

“Zeke!” Czak’s mom was surprised.

“Yes.” He smiled. “Is Czak home?”

“Yes, come right in.”

Zeke stepped inside, smilling.

They walked toward the living room.

“So where’s he?”

Czak’s mom directed his gaze to an urn. “Czak died three years ago. We didn’t know how to tell you. I’m sorry, Zeke.”

And Zeke’s smiles turned into tears.


4 thoughts on “The Reunion

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  1. nice concept on this one.. would have liked it better if the fact that he died wasn’t spelled out and was rather left hanging though. 🙂

      1. i know. hahaha. i feel you. it was actually very good for a very short story. my comment earlier was meant if it was longer, it wouldve been better siguro that way. but this is very good na in itself. 😀

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