Thank YOU!



Yesterday alone, my blog received 313 unique views, surpassing my previous best-ever log of 124 a day. Thank you for supporting my blog, homies. I got 222 views from the Philippines, which is my home country.

When I started this blog, I never intended to be very active–that is, to post daily. But then, I decided to challenge myself to come up with a useful post at least once a day. Since then, the number of views my blog has been receiving has gone up. I was elated when I received 124 views last week, but then yesterday, I got 313 unique views. This goes to show that a lot of people do read whatever I write. I have also been receiving positive comments and requests. Thank you for all these. I will do my best to keep on posting useful and entertaining materials in my blog.

The thought that you read what I write makes me happy.

God bless, everyone. And once again, thank you very much!


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