Questions from Readers: Why Do You Write?

After putting up a feedback page here in my blog, I actually received a request and a question. So I am going to answer the first question submitted.



Why do I write? Well, as my blog’s tagline says, “I live to write, and I write to live.” But specifically, why I write depends on what I write.

  • I write press releases because that is my job.
  • I write poems to express what I feel during the time or writing.
  • I write novels and short stories to channel my fantasy and, somehow, make them a “reality.”
  • I write essays to explain, clarify, or feature a certain topic.
  • I write academic papers and marketing articles because that’s where I get some extra cash.
  • I write grammar posts simply because I miss teaching grammar.
  • I write informative articles to share what I know to people who wants to learn.

But in general, I write because it is one of the best ways I can express myself without bothering people at their most convenient and busiest time of the day. I also write because I have a lot of time in my hands. I write when I’m bored. I write when I am overwhelmed with too much feels.

Sometimes, there are no actual reasons why I write; I write because I happen to be holding a pen and a paper or my MS Word is open. I write because I love writing. Now, let me ask you this: Why do you breathe? 🙂


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