Liquid Courage

I have memorized these lines before, but still my tongue falters. I gathered all my strength to speak what I feel about you, yet every time a smile paints in your lips, I render myself defenceless. How I wanted to tell you that my world is complete because of your presence, yet your presence alone, like spell makes me speechless. The eloquence of my tongue remains unheard. There are voices in me that are trapped in fear. Fear in the possibility of your non-acceptance. Tonight, under the splendour of these magical moonbeams, harken what I have to tell . . . I love you. My words are pure and and my language is simple but deep and sincere. Pardon me for just being true. I would rather tell the truth and be hurt than stay in misery. The misery of silence. Pardon me for the indistinct smell. For this smell speaks of my desire. The desire of making you the firefly of my magical world.


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