The Poet Meets the Serenader

Two souls meet:
one a serenader,
the other a poet.

The serenader
makes the weary world move
with his serenades, singing
the tune of life’s delight.

A seagull in flight
to the heights of freedom,
free to explore
the depths and heights of life’s twilight.

His voice lures,
ignites poetic fires,
tickles every inch of being,
awakens the long lost love for writing.

The poet:
a soul of exquisite lines;
he sings his songs through his poems
and dances on the palm of his prose.

His letter paints a portrait,
revealing ancient and present truths,
telling tales of love and passion,
of truth and frustration.

When perchance
these two souls meet,
imagine a life of poems and serenades–
a life of lyrical rhymes and rhythmical cadence.


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