Why Do I?

Why do I cry? Why do I weep?
Why do I bring myself so deep?
How can I laugh? How can I stop?
When my reasons ain’t enough.

Why don’t the rain
Just wash away this pain,
So the real me would remain
And live a life so plain.

Why do I grieve? Why can’t I sleep?
Why do your memories I keep?
Why do I regret? How can I forget?
If your thoughts I am beset?

Why don’t the wind
Take all our memories unspent
And blow all my letters unsent
So I could live a life so decent.

Why do I crush? How can I surpass
Why do I live in a life of morass?
Why didn’t I have come to realize
That your love for me was all a mirage?

Why don’t sea
End up my noxious fantasy
And put and end to you exactly
Forever in my tragic memory

Why do I mourn? Why do I burn?
Where did I make a wrong turn?
Why do I crawl whenever I fall?
Couldn’t I stand up at all?

Why don’t this life
End up all my strife
So I could have my share
And live life even just a little happier.


Poet’s Note:

This is one of my earliest poems written around 2005 or 2006. I was still in high school then. I was a typical heartbroken dude who got depressed after being dumped by a girl. Anyhow, it’s funny how I started with the basic poetry and restricted myself with quartets and rhyme schemes. For what I knew then, this is how a poem should be written. I was a naive amateur poet who was not familiar with blank and free verses. Now, I refer to it as my elementary poetry.


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