Four Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block by Sarah Cornell

The worst time when you are working on any project, essay or writing is when you face writer’s block. Such condition is caused due to decrease in concentration or vice versa. Usually the concentration is lost due the anxiety or diversion of thoughts to any other important work. Lack of knowledge is also one of... Continue Reading →

A Poem for You

You seem so odd the first day I saw you, Your every step seems to echo the  waves of the ocean. The color of your eyes, black as the night, radiate the brilliance of the infinite stars. Your lips forbid the rose to bloom, making them feel unworthy of natures blessings. I haven't really heard... Continue Reading →


Your eyes, they seem to wander in time and space as you stare upon those set of characters encoded in a frame brilliant lights and squiggly lines of green and red. Your voice, soundingly outlandish when you speak, catches my ears. Your gentle yet aloof behavior amuses me. You are this yet that—something that I can easily see... Continue Reading →

The Princess and the Knight

Two souls were born—one a boy; the other, a girl. The girl dreamed of nothing but butterflies and being a princess. She was happy. Always happy. Although lacking in gold and jewellery, she was a princess in her own way. She works hard for her family; she works harder for her faith. She is crowned... Continue Reading →

Semestral Break

It’s September 19, and I am on my way home. “I’ll be back before October, Dad, so eat your meals and take your medicine.” Those were the last words I remember telling my father. This morning, I hurriedly finished my exam, went to my dorm room, packed my things, and rushed to the terminal to... Continue Reading →

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