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I was browsing over my blog today when I found that my “Recent Posts” widget was actually full of my “Word of the Day” entry, and it seems like my blog was made only for this purpose—but no, it wasn’t and it isn’t. My blog was made for me to share my articles, short stories, and poetry—not my word of the day. I was also disappointed how I became so inactive with writing (I was and still is busy with my jobs, that’s why) that my blog was reduced to a lexicon-like site. So instead, I decided to make another blog that will host my “Word of the Day” entries—yes, a blog that is solely dedicated to words: OtherWordly Blog.

Saying this, my Knavish Kirby Keith blog will be hosting my writings: articles, short stories, poetry, and maybe some rantings, but no more daily words. Other Wordly Blog, on the other hand, will host nothing but daily words I intend to share. With this, all the links to my “Word of the Day” entries that I have shared in my other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn) will be dead or broken links. However, I will set up a new connection that will link my new blog to my other social media sites for the daily words I will publish starting tomorrow.

I hope that you will support my OtherWordly Blog as well as you support this one.

Thank you very much.

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