Breaking My Self-Imposed Hiatus

It’s been a long while since I have actually written for my blog. I used to be very active, but since my workload has become a bit of challenging these days, I cannot really find the time to write all the ideas I have in my mind. So I guess I have to list some of the things I need to write when I find the time so as not to forget them.

  1. Male Circumcision Tradition in the Philippines
  2. Book Review: Brink—The Awakening
  3. Common Folklore in the Philippines
  4. Common Issues Faced by Cosplayers
  5. Food Review: [I forgot the name of the restaurant]
  6. My Life as a Book Publicist
  7. Waiting for the Rain (a short story)

I have been meaning to write some of these topics since March, but I really couldn’t find the time to do them. Anyhow, maybe later this week—weekend—I’ll be able to find a few minutes to write at least one.



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