Semestral Break

It’s September 19, and I am on my way home.

“I’ll be back before October, Dad, so eat your meals and take your medicine.” Those were the last words I remember telling my father.

This morning, I hurriedly finished my exam, went to my dorm room, packed my things, and rushed to the terminal to catch the last bus. I smile to myself as I stare out the road going home; my family would glad that I’d be home before October.

They have waited long enough for my return. Now, I’ll be home; we can all schedule my father’s interment.


Note: This is my very first 100-word story and was actually my entry for the Reader’s Digest Asia‘s 100-Word Story contest last 2012. However,  I was not able to upload it as the contest requires exclusive privacy. But since the winners have been announced—and yeah, I was not able to enter the top three—I can now publish it on my blog.

My entry, along with the other non-winning ones are collected and can be read on 500 Stories: 100-Word Stories from Reader’s Digest Competition that is now on its preorder state.

You can read the winning entries here.


2 thoughts on “Semestral Break

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  1. Made me cry. It remembers me of my father’s last words.

    Anyways. I am really shy to say this to you in person Keith, but I am very thankful that I got a chance to meet you. Not only from the knowledge that you taught but also for all the laughers that you share with us. Thank you so much.

    Everytime I’ll throw jokes, your reaction always reminds me of my younger brother who passed away.

    You are the best person I’ve met so far.

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