Ten Perks of Dating an English and/or Literature Major

My previous post focused on the backwashes of dating people like me, an English and literature major. But of course, something that comes with disadvantages also comes with perks, especially English and/or literature majors. So here are some of the many perks one can enjoy by dating people like me.

  1. Free proofreading. Whether you ask them or not, English majors will proofread your work. They either do this intentionally or unconsciously. No matter, it’s a benefit for you. Some will even go the extra mile and edit your work to make it more interesting and more presentable. But don’t take it against you; it’s actually good for your work. They just can’t help it; they are just being themselves.
  2. Free essays and paperwork assistance. Need to write an essay but not sure how to start? Need to finish a report or any paperwork but find it difficult? Your English/literature major can help you with that. They are adept writers of both general non-fiction and business papers. And if you need to write anything for the fiction genre as well, you can also lean on them. Be it in the academic or business field , they are quite helpful to any of your paperworks. They can also help you draft a presentable and effective resume, curriculum vitae, or portfolio description should you need one.
  3. Free dictionary and thesaurus. Although they do not know every word in the English dictionary, they are most likely to answer your needs for a dictionary and/or thesaurus. Most, if not all, English majors are adept at deciphering definitions through context clues and can give at least one synonym and antonym for a word. No worries about being where you are where lexicons are not available.
  4. Free linguistic and literary concordance. Aside from lexicons, English and/or literature majors are also as good as linguistics and literary concordances. They can help you compare the different usage of the same word or difference between synonyms (i.e., solitude vs seclusion vs isolation) and the use of many phrasal verbs and idioms. In literature, they can help you with which author wrote which work, which work which character appeared in, which character said which line, and so on.
  5. Free grammar lesson. Not sure whether or not the word is an adjective or an adverb? Quite hesitant to use the simple past or the past perfect? Confused which preposition to use? Don’t worry, your English major can give you a free grammar lesson. You’ll get this every day. Be it through a formal grammar lesson, through candid corrections, or through answering your questions. Surely, English majors will not let you get shamed by using poor grammar and get the remarked with, “You’re dating an English major, yet you’re bad at grammar.”
  6. Free vocabulary lessons. Just like with your grammar lessons, it can come in any form. Whether you used a wrong word in a different context, you did not understand a word in what you’ve read or heard, you were asked by someone else but do not know the answer, and the list can go on. Aside from giving you the meaning of the word, your lessons can go up to how to use this word correctly, what the different forms of this word are, how to pronounce it, the synonyms and antonyms, its etymology, etc.
  7. Free literary analysis. Can’t understand what a poem means? Can’t figure out why the story ended that way? Is the character to complicated for you to understand? You English/literature major is more than happy to enlighten you using different literary theories and unlimited possibilities why the author wrote it that way.
  8. Free romantic letters and poems. Although not all English/literature majors are into poetry, but sure enough, they have ideas what real romanticism is, and you can always expect something romantic—poetry or prose. They can play with words and come up with the most romantic lines just for you. That is, if you are not allergic to these kinds of things.
  9. Free English translation. This only applies to non-native speakers of English, obviously. Not sure how to deliver those words in English? Easy, ask your English major. They can give you different ways to phrase your sentence in English, and even in different tones that you want it: humble, condescending, arrogant, sarcastic—name it, they have it.
  10. Free reading and summarizing. Not in the mood to read what you have to read? Give it to your English/literature major; they’ll be more than happy to read it and summarize it for you. Be it your school textbooks, your employee handbook, something from the Internet, or whatever else. Not only you get to save it, but you can have it explained to you better than when you read it yourself.

Of course, the perks of dating an English/literature major are endless; they vary from one person to another. And, of course, the ones in this list may not all apply to the English/literature major you are dating, but they are sure to have at least some of these and a set of even better ones. But aside from these seemingly superficial ones, your English/literature major can give you more perks, ones that are not easily forgotten.


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