A Poem for You

You seem so odd the first day I saw you,

Your every step seems to echo the  waves of the ocean.

The color of your eyes, black as the night,

radiate the brilliance of the infinite stars.

Your lips forbid the rose to bloom,

making them feel unworthy of natures blessings.

I haven’t really heard you talk,

but your voice, even just as passing,

drowns me to the depths of dreams.

Certainly, this is nothing but a simple admiration.

I have no, even the slightest, intention of taking you to my bed,

nor ask you to take me to yours.

The simple smiles you make each day make me happy.

Your existence simply tells me that

there are great things in this world that which cannot be mine.

Despite that, the universe has shown me

how to treasure that which I do not own.

Live, smile, rejoice.

And I’ll be happy.


One thought on “A Poem for You

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  1. This poem Kirby is so appropriate for the person I love now. The poem shows the beauty of a paradox that perhaps all lovers share and have to deal with – the fact that no amount of love or desire can ever actually make one own someone. In my case, I used to think that such sacrifice was partly about being afraid of getting hurt in the end but since I read your poem, I’ve realized that it is but sound to believe that I can never ever have someone. I can only love, and love is all there is.

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