Four Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block by Sarah Cornell

The worst time when you are working on any project, essay or writing is when you face writer’s block. Such condition is caused due to decrease in concentration or vice versa. Usually the concentration is lost due the anxiety or diversion of thoughts to any other important work. Lack of knowledge is also one of the aspects that can cause writer block. However, in such condition, you need to stay calm and react in a controlled manner. Many people are unable to control with this anxiety and end up doing something in ridicules due to feeling of fear or angriness. However, this is not the right solution and can prove malicious. Here are some easy steps in order to overcome the problem of writer’s block:

Figure Out Reason for Writer Block

Writer block can happen due to number of reasons and without identifying the major cause, you will not be able to solve the main problem. Once you are able to identify the main reason, than you will be able to think that how I can overcome it move forward. Otherwise, it will increase the level of anxiety and you might end up crashing something of your room due to frustration.

Think about Anything

If you are able to identify reason for writer’s block, try to overcome it through different means and than get back to your work. However, if you think that such condition is not because of any particular reason, than just try to think randomly and come up with thoughts so that your mind starts practice of thinking. It will help you to generate ideas. Once your mind gets back on track, start thinking back on the ideas that you were working on previously. You might help you to revert thing back.

Take Small Break

Sometimes, your mind is tired that it is very difficult that it will generate new thoughts. Like any other machine, it also need some rest and your duty is to identify that when your mind reach such condition. Therefore, if you think that you are mentally exhausted and you do not want to think for sometime, it is better to take some rest and relax for sometime. Take some sleep or just hook around outside and try to relax. Go to some park or watch some T.V show. It will give your brain sometime to relax and you will see it effects very positive when you start your work again.

Try to Think Through Different Angle

If your mind is also fresh and you are not feeling any anxiety, then try to think from different perspective. If you are doing any project, just try to start it from some different section. Instead of going for writing introduction, write the literature review or any other part. Through this way, you would be able to capitalize your mind efficiently and hence you can focus on the part initially that do not require a lot of ideas generation.


About the Author

Sarah Cornell is teaching English Language from the past five years. She is working as freelance writer from the past few years and her research interests include proofreading, impact writing and resume editing. She loves to travel during holidays.


This is my first guest written article, and to be honest, I really need this information as well. Every writer must have had experienced having a total blank nit-wit mind while in the process of writing something. This article is just one of the many great tools every writer needs.



4 thoughts on “Four Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block by Sarah Cornell

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  1. It’s funny. I just read another post on writer’s block. A necessary topic these days. I find that whenever I’m blocked, I need to take a break to let my ideas percolate. Sometimes I will go for a drive or read a book or do something mundane like wash dishes. Stepping away from my WIP helps every so often.

    1. It is a very common topic indeed. What I usually do is to find something that will inspire me to write. Most of the time, it’s talking to my significant other and eating out. We sure have different ways to cope with a writer’s block. 😀

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