Arguing with Myself: The “Humorous Rape” Issue Inconsitency

People take sides in the “rape is not a joke” issue not because of real logic or concern for the greater good, but because of their fervent support to either party. Vice Ganda made a mistake, yes. But he already apologized. GMA7 has a point, yes. But they have also used rape as a subject... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Plea

As a writer, I know how hard it is to compose something noteworthy—be it fiction or nonfiction. You rack your brain, you pressure yourself, you eat your soul just come up with something that your readers will enjoy. However, it is sad that some netizens are simply contented with copying someone else’s creation, pasting them... Continue Reading →

Arguing with Myself: When Friendships Blur

It’s not about school, work, or whatever. It’s about everything else. It hurts so much when your friends suddenly turn cold without you knowing it, and worse, you see them every day of your life like they just don’t care. And you? Well, you try to act like nothing really happens and all. You try... Continue Reading →

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