A Writer’s Plea

As a writer, I know how hard it is to compose something noteworthy—be it fiction or nonfiction. You rack your brain, you pressure yourself, you eat your soul just come up with something that your readers will enjoy. However, it is sad that some netizens are simply contented with copying someone else’s creation, pasting them on their platforms, and omitting the original authorship entirely, thus, making it virtually their own.

This is plagiarism, intellectual theft—one of the many things you can do to damage a writer, both their career and their ego. And funny thing about plagiarists is that they never seem to admit their mistake; they cover it up with higher ego and lots of hateful defenses. Take Sotto for example, instead of apologizing, the made his act as if he honored those he has disgraced.

I sometimes wish that blogs do not have the right-click function or omit the copy function entirely to preserve authorship.

Please, reblog, not repost. If you plan to repost, give due credits to the original author, and don’t claim it as yours; you did not rack your brain for that. And when caught plagiarizing, why not humbly apologize than act like your all mighty and superior; you are not, because if you were, you would have been able to come up with an original content.

Humility does not hurt you; it vindicates you. It earns you respect from several people with open minds.


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  1. This is something I hate! I remember when his plagiarism controversies, and how offhandedly say he was just inspired by the text. You can already smell the bull a mile away, he pretty much just translated the text into Filipino! This was why I was so mad when I found out he was one of the people who said yes to the E-Martial Law.

    If I could do a History Channel guy meme right now, I’d be like, “SOTTO”

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