Arguing with Myself: The “Humorous Rape” Issue Inconsitency

People take sides in the “rape is not a joke” issue not because of real logic or concern for the greater good, but because of their fervent support to either party.

Vice Ganda made a mistake, yes. But he already apologized.

GMA7 has a point, yes. But they have also used rape as a subject of their joke in Bubble Gang (video here).

Now what happened to the “rape is not a joke” and “this should not be about me [Jessica Soho] but about rape victims who suffer tremendously from this terrible crime. The horrors they go through are unspeakable and should never be taken lightly, especially by way of a cruel joke” advocacies?

People say that the rape joke made in Bubble Gang is okay because no person was directly named; then, what happened to the meaning of the adverb never? So it’s like, “never be a subject of a joke unless you do not give a name of a person”? That’s total bull crap! Never means “not ever, at no time, not in any degree, not under any condition.” What happened to their advocacy about the horrors and trauma if the victims? Does this make the victim’s horrors and trauma alleviated because no names were mentioned? Again, bull crap!

Also, Maki Pulido tweeted: “(@makipulido): “Vice ganda should realize that rape is not a joke. That rape is a form of violence…”

Funny how they only reacted when one of their members was attacked. If rape should NEVER be a subject of a joke, whether names were dropped or not, it should NEVER be used because they fight for the idea that it is a form of violence. I do not side with Vice, but seeing this made me realize how hypocritical GMA7 is with their advocacy.


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