Fruitage of Boredom

I kind of got bored tonight, so I decided to create new banners for my Tumblr blog’s slide banner. Something that will represent me better. So here they are. They are arranged in this exact order in the slide. I kind of got lost after the fourth banner, so I created a semi-business card for... Continue Reading →

When Love Arrived

Being a hopeless romantic teen (or so I was years ago), I thought I knew love—or that I’d know love when it arrives. But I was wrong. I did not really have someone specific in mind when I used to think of love, but I have had some specific attributes in mind. I imagined Love... Continue Reading →

The Blurry Friendship Escalation

Ever since I could ever remember, I am not the kind of person who takes friendship for granted. I might be silent for some time, but that does not mean that I no longer care. Once I considered you my friend, you remain in the same status—well, unless you violate or one of my closest... Continue Reading →

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