When Love Arrived

Being a hopeless romantic teen (or so I was years ago), I thought I knew love—or that I’d know love when it arrives. But I was wrong. I did not really have someone specific in mind when I used to think of love, but I have had some specific attributes in mind.

I imagined Love and I would spend time together reading books, sharing insights and feels, recommending good reads to each other.  I always thought Love and I would lie in bed hours watching anime and reading mangas. I expected Love to support my cosplays, or that Love would cosplay with me. I dreamed that Love and I would share passion with writing poetry, that we’d write mushy poems for each other, or that Love would even enjoy the poems I’d write. Love—I thought Love would understand all my references and allusions, be it from a book, a movie, a manga, an anime, or wherever else.

But when Love arrived, Love was different. Love does not read books; Love only reads when Love needs too. Love finds reading boring. In fact, Love might not even read this. Love finds manga boring; Love scorns my cosplays. Love is intolerant. Love writes haikus, but only that. Love asks me to write poems, but Love never reads them. Love does not understand my allusions and references; most of the time, Love thinks I am crazy. Love was different, but despite that, I knew it was Love.

Although Love was different that what I thought Love would be, Love was what I was looking for, and Love completed me. Love is caring, Love id selfless. Love thinks of me first; Love seldom advances selfish things. Love is always there, whether needed or not. Love is supportive in every way possible. Love makes me smile no matter the reason or the situation. Love makes sure that don’t get sick; Love knows what I need and what I want without me asking for it. Love is what I need and what I want.

Love takes care of me when I am sick; Love cooks for me and wakes me up with a kiss with the food ready on my bed. Love calls me a little less frequent to remind me of my medicine. Love scolds me when I stay up too late. Love sacrifices for me.

Love also taught me new things. Love made me love online games that I did not even thought I’d enjoy before. Love introduced new genres, artists, and songs that I now enjoy. Love makes me examine my life through points of view I did not think of before. Love brings what is not present in my life. Love makes me see things I cannot see on my own.

Love came at the most unexpected way, at the most unexpected time—years before I realized that it was already Love. Love was a friend. Love was there although not physically. Love endured the time and distance between us. Love was amazingly patient, and still is.

Perhaps, Love was also a bit amazed how I came and how I was different than Love imagined. Love sings with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard; I don’t. Love paints and draws; I can’t. Love is skilled with many things around the house; I am not—well, expect the occasional cooking that Love also smirks at. Love is annoying attentive to details; I am just annoying.

Despite our differences, Love was what I was looking for.  We share a few common grounds, but one of those is the love we genuinely feel for one another. Love may not be as what I thought Love would be when Love arrives, but Love was all that I could ever ask for.

Love is not what I expected, but when Love arrived, Love is so much better. And I could not ask for more.


Love and I turns three tomorrow, July 24, 2013. And I could not even express my happiness in words.


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