Fruitage of Boredom

I kind of got bored tonight, so I decided to create new banners for my Tumblr blog’s slide banner. Something that will represent me better. So here they are.

base 2

banner 3

banner 2



They are arranged in this exact order in the slide. I kind of got lost after the fourth banner, so I created a semi-business card for the last one. Any how.

The first banner showcases my fascination and obsession with pigs (because they are just adorable, but are only appreciated once they have been served on the tables). It also carries my different account usernames in different social networking and blogger platforms. Just in case you want to follow me over there as well.

The second banner shows my cosplayer side. That’s Zeref, the latest character I cosplayed.

The third one is totally random. It’s a quote I saw from a statement tee that I wasn’t able to buy.

The fourth one, it’s my editor side. Simply put.

The fifth one? Well, it’s kind of a way to promote myself and my services offered.

Well, that’s it. You can visit my Tumblr blog by clicking here.


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