Coffee for a Cause

Water is one of man’s basic needs in order to survive; however, it is sad that not all in this world are fortunate enough to have access to free clean water, or worse, not even have access to clean water alone. People in Laos are few of those unfortunate ones. Gratefully, kind-hearted people are putting... Continue Reading →

The Thirteenth Doctor Formulation

It was established in The Deadly Assassin (1976) that a Time Lord can regenerate twelve times before permanently dying–a total of thirteen incarnations. In the 1996 television movie the Eighth Doctor explicitly said that a Time Lord has “thirteen lives.” Wouldn’t it be fascinating that the Thirteenth Doctor (presumably the last incarnation) be a blonde female, just to break... Continue Reading →

The Twelfth Doctor Regeneration

The current choice for the Twelfth Doctor has brought rift among the fans, especially between those who actually care about the continuity of the series and those fan girls who are into erotic fan fiction with the Doctor. Why complain about the age of the Twelfth Doctor? Earlier incarnations were old as well, especially the... Continue Reading →

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