The Pedicab Incident

This is a pedicab, commonly known as padyak (Filipino for “to kick” or “to pedal”) or trisikad [try-see-kahd] (a portmanteau of tri- for “three” and the Hiligaynon word sikad, which means “to kick” or “to pedal”) in the Philippines. This serves as one of the most common mode of transportation in the local area, especially for... Continue Reading →

Cebu Tumblr bloggers to hold book meetup to raise literary awareness

September 15, 2013 CEBU CITY — Cebu City’s community of Tumblr bloggers has announced an upcoming book meetup to be held on the following months. This meetup is organized to help raise literary awareness among the youths today. Cebu Tumblristas, a moderated group on the online social networking site, Facebook, that holds occasional meetups for... Continue Reading →

The New GMail Interface: Making My Life Easier

My E-mail’s inbox can be very overwhelming at times, especially when—whether I like it or not—I am subscribed to newsletters; updates from promos, blogs, and company notifications; updates and notifications from my social media accounts, bills and payments notifications and many more. With all these subscriptions, my inbox can get so loaded on a daily... Continue Reading →

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