The New GMail Interface: Making My Life Easier

My E-mail’s inbox can be very overwhelming at times, especially when—whether I like it or not—I am subscribed to newsletters; updates from promos, blogs, and company notifications; updates and notifications from my social media accounts, bills and payments notifications and many more. With all these subscriptions, my inbox can get so loaded on a daily basis, and this can be annoying or frustrating as I through my list of received mails. However, the new GMail inbox has made a way that makes my life easier when browsing my inbox.

Gmail introduces the easy sorting of mails by category. Each mail can be categorized as primary, promotions, updates, and social media. Each of these categories are, then, organized on a different tab for easier access and to avoid confusion. These new tab features allow users to see all the mails of the same category in one tab and not mix mails of different purposes.

The Primary category are those the mails that you really want; these are, most of the time, personal mails or business mail. Simply saying, these are mails sent by “real” people, and not by automated computer systems just like notifications and updates and newsletters. There is also an option that allows you to include all “starred” e-mail threads to be included in the Primary tab.

The Social category includes mails from social networking like YouTube, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms like your blog hosts. Also, mails and notifications from clubs or organizations that you are affiliated with will be sorted in this category.

Mails that fall under the Promotions category are those from sites that offer deals, discounts, promos, etc., that you subscribed to. Examples are LivingSocial, Google Offers, Zagat, etc. These mails can either be announcements of their new offers, updates on existing offers, or invitations of some sort.

What, then, falls under the Updates category? These are updates on your billing, purchases made online, receipts from transactions, etc. Most commonly, itinerary tickets bought online, bank statements, credit card bills, and similar contents will be sorted into this category.

Another optional tab is the Forums, which obviously houses all the automated e-mails sent to you as notifications from forums you have registered to or joined. Most likely, e-mails informing of replies to your posts, new topics, or ratings of your responses or posts will be sorted into this tab.

This new inbox also comes with easy and super customizable features. You can set which tab/category a sender will appear whenever he, she, or it sends you a mail. Should you choose to move a mail to a different category, you can just drag and drop the mail the tab you want it to appear in. This new feature is new inbox is available in Gmail’s official mobile apps on Android 4.0+ devices, as well for iOS for iPhone and iPad.

If you do not have this interface yet, you can configure your inbox to activate it. To configure, click on the Settings icon on the top right corner, just below your avatar. A drop-down menu will appear and click “Configure Inbox.” Settings and preferences will then be shown to you; select which ones you prefer and click “Save.” And there you have it! Your new Gmail interface is now ready to help you make your e-mail life easier as well.


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