Cebu Tumblr bloggers to hold book meetup to raise literary awareness

September 15, 2013

CEBU CITY — Cebu City’s community of Tumblr bloggers has announced an upcoming book meetup to be held on the following months. This meetup is organized to help raise literary awareness among the youths today.

Cebu Tumblristas, a moderated group on the online social networking site, Facebook, that holds occasional meetups for certain causes and themes is now organizing a book event that welcomes both readers and non-readers. The organizers have set up an online poll for members of the group to determine the most-read book or books among their community, and the result of which will be used to determine what book or books will be discussed or used as the center of the event.

The event is to be held on an outdoor setting on a weekend. There will be games, book sharing, and book discussions during the event—all of which to be determined by the on-going poll’s result once the voting period has ended. There will be prizes and freebies as well. Anyone with a Tumblr account and is currently living in Cebu City or the province of Cebu is invited to join the event, whether or not a member of the moderated online group on Facebook.

For more information about the programme, venue, and details of the event, please contact Kirby Keith D. Borreros via e-mail at



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