Arguing with Myself: Is the “Epic” Movie Really Epic?

Somebody asked why the movie Epic is called Epic since it isn’t that epic at all. Well,epic does not necessarily mean “great” or “beyond the usual” or “extraordinary.”Epic originally means “telling a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures” as referring to a type of poetry that recounts the adventure of a hero or a war (like the “Iliad” and “Odyssey” and “Beowulf”). It is only later that epic has been attributed to mean “great” or “impressive.” I think the movie uses the original meaning of the word, not what it is known to mean to day on the Internet.


One thought on “Arguing with Myself: Is the “Epic” Movie Really Epic?

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  1. think about the nowadays meaning of the word “comedy” when pertaining to performing arts… feels the same as epic, oi?

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