She, who always holds dear
She, who always holds near

She is there,
through the tough time
and the bad memories

She is there,
for the happy days
and joyous frivolities.

there when needed.
never conceited.

There, when needed most.
There, to never boast.


This isn’t really my creation, but I want to offer this to one of the best girls in my life–my sister from another mother (and father), Cecile Angelie Cabaluna. I want to thank her for all the good times she has shared with me, for loving me despite hating my sins, for holding me back from jumping off the cliff (though I jumped anyway), and for all the things she has done and still do.

Sis, I know I am good with words (coz I am conceited like that), but the things I wanna tell you cannot be put into specific words (or maybe I am just lazy at the moment; you will never know). I just want to thank you for being the best twin sister I could ever have (not that I want another one). I love you.



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