The “Previously Unseen” Incarnation Reaction

Dear fellow Whovians,

John Hurt’s character in the The Day of the Doctor cannot be an older version of the Eighth nor Ninth Doctors (or any other First to Tenth versions of the Doctor) since Eleventh made it clear that Hurt is a version of himself that is not the Doctor. In the episode “In the Name of the Doctor,” Eleventh says that Hurt’s incarnation of the Doctor is the one “who broke the promise” and that he is a version of himself but NOT the Doctor (he is not worthy of the name), so therefore, if Eleven doesn’t see him the Doctor and if he is Paul McGann’s incarnation of the Doctor—except older—then therefore, wouldn’t McGann be disqualified to the Eighth Doctor and shouldn’t Eccleston be the Eighth, Tennant be the Ninth, and Eleventh refer himself as the Tenth?

The thing is that there are other versions of the Doctor that does not go by the name “Doctor,” and Hurt’s character is one of them. Also, I assume that this is not the Valeyard since Hurt seems to be in cahoots with the Tenth and Eleventh for something that can save the universe, reality, and time and space.

I guess we all have to wait for the special and not argue/fight against one another over assumptions of who or what Hurt’s version of the Doctor is.


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