Emergency Room

I regret the night we fought.
Because of my stupid pride,
I said, “We should end this.”
I thought I knew how it looked right now,
and I thought you’d go looking for me,
yet several days pass
without any news of you at all.
Because you are always so good to me,
I hardly seem to think about it;
but now I know that because of my stubbornness,
I made things hard for you.

I am a fool, and it is not the truth!
And even until now, you still do not really know me:
The only thing I have for you is my love,
so please don’t leave me.

Someday you’ll see my side of it;
I did not realize how grateful I should for your love.
I didn’t know any better, and I did as I liked.
Can you forgive me for being so selfish and childish?

You’re the only one I love;
Don’t go and take this away from me.
Please don’t throw me away; just hold me tight.
Please come back so we can love again.


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