I Was Never Romantic

l was never romantic.
Roses meant nothing, but just flowers my
mother used to grow in her garden.
Chocolate was nothing, but something
that pleases me when l am depressed.
l was never romantic.
Candle lights? Well, they are a sign we
haven’t paid our electric bill.
Love Songs? Those are the stuff they
play over and over on the radio.
I was never romantic.
Stuffed toys were just fancy pillows.
Poems were just a fool’s tool to impress.
I was never romantic.
But, then, you came into my life
and breathed romance into my very soul.
You open my eyes to things unseen
and my heart to things unfelt.
Roses now smell sweeter with you around.
Chocolate now takes away the bitterness of life.
Candles now remind me of you—the glimmer of hope
in this world of present darkness.
Love songs now have more meaning—
every word seems to echo my feelings for you.
Stuffed toys now have names, and I call them babies.
Poems—they are still a fool’s tool to impress.
I was never romantic. And I never will be.
I am just fool. A fool who’s been in love with you.


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