Arguing with Myself: Feeding the Blood-Stained Singaporean Troll

I am not racist, but I am indignant toward whatever is wrong. Like this article about showing displeasure to Filipinos in Singapore. Early today, a friend posted this link to my Facebook wall and told me to read it for earth’s sake. I saw other friends sharing the same link with infuriated comments about both the article and the author; however, I did not get mad at all—it made me laugh instead. I was sure that this is another troll post, something to gather traffic toward his or her site by promoting hate against Filipinos who are known to be social media enthusiasts. But yeah, it was not offensive for me; it was silly, funny, and invalid. Here are my reasons as to why I find this hate post a big joke.

1. The author claims that Filipinos suck at English. Well, I highly doubt that. For one thing, the author must remember that their telemarketing and contact centers will not survive without the help of Filipinos who “suck” at English (I need to raise my sarcasm sign here, lest some people do no get it). Also, I would bet my head that a single Filipino can speak better English than a hundred Singaporeans combined. Regarding this, a friend commented: “He [the author] probably has, like, [two] friends? A Filipino who happens to have a poor command in English and a teddy bear he molests at night.”

2. Nudging people and making it look accidental is a universal gesture of insecurity and rudeness. May apply to you whether or not your “victim” is a Filipino.

3. Another thing that author suggests is to create an artistic mess on your plate when dining at Jollibee or any Filipino-themed restaurants in Singapore. To quote: “Toss food into your mouth, chew thoroughly, then spit it out. Bite another morsel and repeat. Do this till your plate is a masterpiece of regurgitated nastiness. Ask for the bill (pay in cash), scribble ‘Pinoy food fucking tastes like shit’ on the receipt and remember to leave that piece of paper behind.” Yes, you may be showing your displeasure, but you are also embarrassing yourself—an uncivilized human being who does not know how to dine. Let’s leave it at that. You also implied that you have, in some instances in your life, eaten shit.

4. The author urges Singaporeans to not render any help to Filipinos who are involved in serious traffic accidents, take photos of the scene, and tweet it with the caption: “Hopefully another Pinoy has breathed his last on the little red dot. RIP. NOT.” Sure, this is anyone’s prerogative really, but be prepared to receive thousands of hate responses.

5. I find it funny that after promoting hate, the author still believes that God will hear their prayer for a biblical-type flood to wash Filipinos out their country.

6. Comparing Filipinos to cockroaches is kind of a compliment: that Filipinos are feared by both men and women and are difficult to exterminate. Keep that in mind.

But no, I will not promote any hate against Singaporeans here, and hopefully, I haven’t. I leave it with the words of a friend addressed to the author of the post:  “If you believe in something so bad, why not put your name on it? In an SEO perspective though, smooth! Your page views must be crazy right now. Just do what you do and get enough money from your blog to buy yourself a decent domain name like, or”

UPDATE: As of this editing, the original post of Blood Stained Singapore to which I wrote this post as a reponse–as well as the entire blog–has been taken down by Google as it violated their rules against hate speech. You can read the entire news here.

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  1. Ha. I saw that article and blogged an anti-racist thing as well, but I refrained from linking to the troll coz… SEO. Or ranking. Or whatever you call it la. I don’t understand it 😛

    1. I thought of not linking it, but I want others to read the article as well lest they’d think I was making it up. He already is viral, so there is no point to not link the article here. 🙂

  2. Great reply. I was upset after reading the blog post but I’m thinking now that this person really is pitiful.

  3. to be honest, i was pissed after reading that rubbish blog article. i was like, “oh c’mon, another hate post for us Filipinos” BUT, I’ve come to realize that why should I get pissed? that poor blogger just wanna make some money out of us Filipinos. Its just annoying that some retard makes fun towards a certain nationality. That’s just terrible. Good thing Filipinos has this attitude of “deadma” or in other words it like “the-hell-i-care-you-are-just-a-piece-of-shit”. And YES, i agree with you kirby, That article turned out to be funny. Cheers!

    I LOVE THIS POST :))))

      1. After so many “shares” in my fb newsfeed, I finally got curious and read that post. After reading it, I just lol’ed and said to myself that that person is just another crazy lunatic very desperate to create traffic to his blog. The best way to deal with it is to IGNORE it! There will always be racist people (all over the globe) there’s nothing we can do about their closed minds whatever we tell them, even if we hate them or not. I have Singaporean friends, and I know how civilised and wonderful people they are, far from what this person seems to be promoting. He/she may hate Filipinos (OR for all we know, just trying to target Filipinos to bring high traffic on his blog) but I know many Singaporeans love Filipinos too. Just as Filipinos love Singaporeans. Kudos to you, Kirby!

      2. You’ll find many Filipinos in our hospitals…..doing what they love, caring for the sick, looking after the dying, helping the disabled, etc….they make our hospitals a wonderful place when you need to be there.

  5. I am a Singaporean and I am appalled that this blogger has written such a disgraceful post.
    I certainly have no feelings of hostility at all towards Filipinos and am in fact happy that we can share our country with others. And hope that I am part of the majority here.
    Some people (if you can consider them to be human at all) are so insecure that they need to hurt others just to feel better. Pathetic.

      1. Not at all.
        Most of these ridiculous postings seem to be from very young people who don’t seem to understand what a privileged life they have, and don’t bother to work hard at anything and just expect everything to given to them on a silver platter. They need to learn that there way more to life than their microscopic comfort zones.
        (By the way, I have been complaining about the increasingly poor standard of English here for ages myself.)

  6. Teach these Singaporean trolls a lesson or two, this is way, waaay too far, even for trolling.
    Coming from an Indonesian.

  7. I wanted to think it was satire and ignore it. But the thought that I have a friend who’s working in Singapore scares the living daylights out of me. And okay, I got really pissed off after reading the whole post. 😀

  8. This was awesome! i wasnt pissed at that blog at all, i was amused by his childish rantings, oh well, trolls are trolls…awesome powerful words you have here, thanks for this 🙂 God bless you!

  9. You know what, the article was infuriating at first and then I got scared for the people I know who are in Singapore. Your point of view is more of my cup of coffee and hopefully, others will view it your way too. This troll and hate business won’t stop if we fuel it with more things to say (negatively) about both parties. I guess what I just want to say is kudos to you and to your article.

  10. Well said mate. As a Filipino, I do really wanted to beat the holy crap out of that Troll. Oh well, a troll is a troll… all I can hope now is that he goes straight to hell…

  11. Excellent response! This article should only implies ignorance of Singapore’s culture, society and history. Filipinos have made many contributions behind this country’s progress. I could say, such a pathetic person the writer is filled with hatreds and envious. Proud to tell everyone, Filipinos never get threaten by this insignificant article.

  12. we don’t really need to beat the shit out of anyone here… as all men and women are created and given free will, filipinos, singaporeans, any color any race, we are free to say or do whatever our hearts desires but bear in mind any consequence these actions bring about. ask any filipino why they left home, i’m pretty sure you’ll come up with the same answer, have a better life, and stooping down to these levels won’t really make us any better. it won’t feed our families back home and it sure ain’t gonna pay for that loan you made from pag-ibig funds. the world’s got more problems worth paying attention to, i’m just saying.

  13. during Marcos time filipno works in there country… lets wait until 2016 if BongBong Marcos become a president for sure the PH economy will Boom! again Like the Old Days During his Father Ferdinand Marcos. and all the idea of Lee Kuan Yu. is came from Marcos.. thats why there is Good.

  14. during Marcos time no filipino works in there country… lets wait until 2016 if BongBong Marcos become a president for sure the PH economy will Boom! again Like the Old Days During his Father Ferdinand Marcos. and all the idea of Lee Kuan Yu. is came from Marcos.. that’s why there economy is in Good Condition.

  15. What led me in reading the Singaporeans article was brought about by our own media. While it was on the news and without even reading it yet, I recalled an article published 2 months before this issue came about. The reaction to the Singaporeans article was exactly what Lars’ ~ “The Uncultured:On Filipino Cuisine, Racism, and Bloggers Who Buy Longganisa from 7/11″ was all about. I agree with the points you’ve enumerated- brilliant and precise. However, I’d rather look at the insulting article positively than oppose it. Hats off to you!

    1. I have come across that same post about our food too after it has gone viral. I also planned to write a response, but there were a lot of people–both Filipinos and foreigners—commented and defended our cuisine. I decided not to since those were enough. However, what made me sad was the author’s obstinacy to believe in those comments. 🙂 Thank you for reading my post as well.

  16. thank you! but please. i’m begging, remove the link of that hater from your article because you are just giving him more traffic, hahaha!

    1. Hello, Ysa. Like I have said before, that post has already gone viral, so removing it from my post won’t make any difference. Also, I placed it there for my readers to read it for themselves for factual purposes. So I am really sorry coz I am not removing it. 🙂 I hope you understand.

      1. oppsss!! Sorry, I haven’t run through the comments before I posted mine. I totally understand :). Again, thank you for such a classy and educated way of responding to that kind of blog. God bless and more traffic to yours 🙂

  17. Hopefully most Pinoy who have read the article has the same mentality as Kirby. We mustn’t stoop down to such low levels of insecurities.
    I salute you Kirby!

  18. Thanks!!! At least Singapore was invaded by group of good and hard working Peoples…. The Bloggers should be thankful instead, because it seems that his country need a lot from Filipinos to help them with services. YOLO Blogger and Live Happy… To Kirby I really like how you answered the blog… it was AWESOME!!!

  19. In that case. I think the authority are now making their action. The world was alarmed. Filipinos are everywhere. Even British people are very disappointed because of this. I hope I will not affect the Singapore Day in UK. Singapore is a multiracial country. This might reflect bad image for the country.

  20. I’m so sorry for the hatred blog of Singaporeans. Filipinos are great people. They even helped the seniors when crossing the street. They even gave their seats for them specially in trains. Orchard is their favorite spot. We should not forget how this sweet people take care of children when most of singaporeans are doing their job. I’m sorry.

    1. You can delete my comment already thank you, And again sorry. The damage has been done by the bigotry and hate blog against filipinos but this will not reflect the whole island country of singapore. Still acknowledging the great works and contribution of Filipinos for economy. Thank you.

      1. There are a lot of Singaporeans who also expressed their support toward Filipinos and their indignance toward that hate speech. I appreciate all your support toward my fellow Filipinos there in Singapore. 🙂 God bless! I am sorry for the confusion.

    2. I am also sorry if any of my words on this post offended you, but I hope you understand my position, that I am only defending my people. It is hard enough for them to be away from their family so they can support the needs their family has, and as if it is not enough, some Singaporeans are so against them for reasons I do not know. That post alarmed me as to what my fellow Filipinos could experience there in Singapore.

      1. I know right. They are hardworking. Singaporeans are like this because of fear. Singaporeans are becoming minority in country. Sorry again. You can delete this now.

        1. I feel sorry for the attitude. Most of singaporeans are afraid to be minority in own country. Please understand. I’m sorry how singaporeans reacted with this bigotry blog. They just can’t hide emotions.

  21. I am nurse here in Singapore. Well said. The blog sounds so funny.. He just wrote a blog that will hunt him/her for the rest of his life.. Good luck to you my friend.. 🙂

  22. As a filipino, who was insulted and offended deeply with the site, I did what was necessary to do. report it to the “”

    Thank you again.

  23. like most pinoys, i too got upset by the article and the comments, but after reading your blog, found a better way to appreciate the whole thing. turned my frown upside down. =)
    thanks man, way to be proactive!

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