Fandom Shirt Giveaway Contest

Lately, I have gotten a lot of traffic toward my blog for responding to a hate speech made by a Singaporean against Filipinos, and I am grateful to everyone who not only read my blog but also shared my post to their social media network. To show my gratitude to those who support my blog, I am giving away one (1) fandom shirt to a reader/follower of my blog.

The shirt’s design will be that of the winner’s choice—be it a fandom shirt of a TV series, a movie, a book, an anime, a manga, or the likes. I will handle the acquisition of the fandom shirt desired by the winner, as well as the shipping to the winner’s preferred address.

Who can join? Anyone who follows or reads my blog.

How can you join? Click here.

Thank you for supporting my blog! Best of luck!

The winner will be announced automatically after the end of the contest period, and I will contact the winner via Facebook or e-mail, depending on what platform he or she used to enter the contest.

Contest runs from June 16, 2014, to July 06, 2014.


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