My Life with Admiral Gizmo

I grew up having more cats than sisters, to be honest. I have five sisters, but we have had at least seven cats at the same time in our house. However, we needed to give the kittens away as soon as they wean, otherwise, my sisters will bury them alive (think of it as an inside joke of the family, yes, keep thinking that). But as I grew older, our cats started disappearing, and when I turned fourteen, we no longer have any cats at all. After I moved out for college, I never had a cat, although I wanted to have one. Things just weren’t on my side to have a cat, not until recently.

Last month, I decided that I am getting a cat, no matter what. After asking my friends whether or not they have a kitten I could adopt, I ended up adopting a four-month-old kitten from a local rescue organization. This kitten, a gray tabby, was so appropriately named Grey by the rescue members. However, I feel like his name was so generic, so I renamed him Gizmo—I call him Admiral Gizmo sometimes.

Gizmo is very affectionate. Unlike most cats from the rescue who are often aggressive, Gizmo likes it when I pet him; he even asks me to pet him or he snuggles beside me while I sleep. When we first met, he immediately jumped into my lap and slept there like he’s known me for a long time. Gizmo turned out to be a really loving cat; a cat that seeks attention most of the time. I arranged my couch to be his bed; he has pillows and blankets, but I often wake up with him already sleeping beside me already. Even my best friend who isn’t really fond of cats actually came to love Gizmo.

However, things did not turn out great between us. During his first few days at home, I allowed him to sleep on my bed beside me, but as it turned out, the years I spent without any pet cat made me allergic to their fur, no matter the fact that I give Gizmo a warm bath almost every night. A week after I adopted Gizmo, I was rushed to the hospital because of a severe asthma attack, which actually was a precursor to a respiratory tract infection triggered by Gizmo’s fur and poo odor (during the first week, he did not have a litter box, so he takes a dump on my floor, and I have to scoop it and wash the area). My doctor advised me to find Gizmo a new home, otherwise, my condition will not improve. So right now, whenever I am home with Gizmo, I wear a mask to keep myself from inhaling his fur. I have installed air deodorizer and disinfectant in my room to keep the air fresh and clean from all his poo odor (although he has a litter box now, which also controls the odor, I can only clean it once a day when I get home from work).

I promised myself before that when I get a pet, I will be a responsible human for my pet. Although keeping Gizmo is a bit expensive (dry food, wet food, cat litter, cat shampoo, etc.), it makes me happy knowing that I have saved a life. And even though he makes me sick, quite literally, I have no plans of giving him up. However, if worse comes worst, and I really have to give him up (on the condition that my health is really at risk), I will make sure that he finds a new home, a better home than I have given him. But probably the only reason I am giving him up is me moving out of Cebu City because you do not just abandon a pet after taking care of it. Yes, you either get a pet, or you don’t—there is no try.

The Life of Admiral Gizmo

Here are some photos of my beloved Admiral Gizmo.

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Here is a video of him bothering me.

And here is another video of him still bothering me, nibbling on my ear, actually.


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