Everything Has Changed: An Afterword

The promise of love that stays when love is gone—it’s a bittersweet refrain of a nostalgic song. Nostalgia is fine, but then, life happens, and it bites you; and you have to wake up and face reality. And within the realms of my reality, everything hurts like hell.

The Lies of a Traitor

The room was well lit, and the silence within it was deafening. So silent that I could even hear the breathing of the other person sitting next to me. My hands were cuffed together like I was some maniac trying to kill a someone at hair’s breath. His eyes were fixed on me, and I... Continue Reading →

Intimacy Lost

You are one of the most intimate kinsmen that I’ve ever had. For the past four years, you’ve known the things about me, My secrets, my lies, my faults, my triumphs, my joys, and my fears. You know me almost inside and out; like the back of your hand. I’ve never been as honest as... Continue Reading →

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