Blindsided Foresight

For the love that I have lost, the love
that I have so cherished all those years,
I have no more words, for I was caught off guard.

This drastic end, which I knew was inevitable came so swift,
like a rain that poured and washed away the mural of happiness.
For what could have been if we did not end,
for what should have been of our love today,
for what would have been the numbers that are now meaningless.

I kept my focus on you, and I lost sight of all
the other things there are: your friends, my friends,
all the other people around us.
And it strained the bond we had.

It ended swiftly as it started.
And all that I have hoped for
is now lost under the sea
of raging emotions, of unbalanced intentions.

And there it was—the foresight that I so keenly kept
was attacked, blindsided from all directions.
Shattered into millions of pieces.
And no matter how much I try to cover
the cracks with gold, the cracks remain,
no matter how beautiful.
A scar of the past. A sign of brokenness.


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