Juvenile and Unkempt

Juvenile and unkempt, that’s how you were when I saw you
on the day we met, not even a hint of loveliness and adorability;
however, that all changed when I knew how you really are—
not as what I thought you were, but better than I expected.
Vibrant yet timid, vivid yet elusive, vestal and magical; and
I did not expect that I would fall for you, that I would crave
not only your presence, but your attention and affection.
Could it be what I think it is? A simple impulsive delight,
enamored by the need to love and the need to be loved;
Nevertheless, I know that this should not be, this must not be for
this is like a fig tree: a tree that bears fruit but never flowers—a love that cannot blossom.


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