I Don’t Want to Write

I don't want to write because I write from all my pain. I don't want to write because the hurt still remains. These letters are my tears; these words are my lamentations. This poetry is my censure. I keep quiet in the dark, dark corner of my mind, wishing there was someone I could talk... Continue Reading →

Faded Song

I sat at a corner, my head on a friend's shoulder, a person between us, separating us for a time being. I hear your voice echo inside the room: a song you sing, a song that used to be for me. A song that was me. A song that used to be us. As the... Continue Reading →

A Pleasant SurpRice!

From September 2015 to March 2016, I was in Tacloban City for a temporary work assignment. There, I introverted extremely, to the point that the only consolation I got after a day’s work in to masturdate in several local food places. And one of my favorite places to eat there, which I love so dearly,... Continue Reading →

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