My 03:00 AM Shadow

03:00 AM.
Gloomy. Serene. Depressing.
I see the lights flicker as the water rush
and tricycles pass in front of me.
The darkness surrounds the city;
the sounds of sadness envelope school.
The ember of hell-driven stick dances in the dark,
the smokes bellow, uprising against the
suffocating anesthetic of the suburbs.

03:00 AM.
And you are in my thoughts.
I think about the times we were together:
the time we were sweet, and the time we fought.
The way I lay beside you, the way you ruffled my hair,
the way you kissed my forehead, the way you wrapped your arms around me.

03:00 AM.
And you are in my thoughts.
The way I lied to  you, the way I acted like I will never lose you.
I kept my silence as I puff the next cloud of suicidal, momentary bliss.
I thought of you, of me, of us, and of the things that we could have been and could be.
My fingers dance along the lines of mania and depression,
as my thoughts falter and my words scatter
across time and space.

03:00 AM.
And you are in my thoughts.
I blink in the darkness as my eyes prepare to surrender,
like my heart that gave up on the idea of us.
I see you in my smile. I hear you in my laughter.
I feel you in my heartbeat. I can taste you like blood in my mouth.
But I can never see us together. Not again. Not anymore.

I see you. The light in my darkness.
You are  the light that brightens my skies,
and you are the self-same light that casts
the shadows that darkens my world.


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