I Thought Wrong

I thought I have healed;
I thought that I no longer cared,
that I no longer hurt.
I thought I have moved on,
I thought I no longer am under your spell,
that I am free from your power.
I thought that I have liberated myself from your embrace;
I thought that yours is a longing I can now ignore,
that I am no longer foolishly in love with you.
I thought I could resist you;
I thought that I was strong,
that I am not going to miss you when I’m gone.
I thought ours was a mere plain memory of a love so sweet;
I thought we have moved beyond this point,
that we are just friends.
I thought I have understood myself;
I thought I was in touch with my feelings,
that I know what was going on.
I thought things would be different, but
you are still the voice that wakes me up
from my nightmares and anxiety.
You are still the light that chases away the shadows,
and you are still the warmth I long for during
a dark, cold, windy night of loneliness.
Yours is the song that spins my world around,
yours are the words that comfort my aching heart,
yours is is the touch that starts the embers in my heart,
and yours are the caresses that soothes my pain.
I thought I knew better;
I thought I can be without you,
that you are just the sugar to my coffee.
I thought wrong:
I overestimated myself.


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