Raffy’s Bistro | Roxas City’s Comfort Diner

Food has always been my best friend whenever I am away from the people I love; it has been the only thing that constantly gives me comfort. It does not ask me questions whenever I express my homesickness, whenever I express my anxiety, whenever I express my happiness—it does not judge me. It’s just there,... Continue Reading →

Gabby’s Bistro | A Taste of Duma’s Pride

When travelling, one of the things I make sure is try local food places. Just recently, I visited Dumaguete City and decided to visit one of their famous restaurants: Gabby’s Bistro. There are two of them, and I went to the closest branch from where I stayed. Accessibility and Ambience: 9/10 The store is located... Continue Reading →


You were a stranger, but not really—we knew each other’s names, but we were never introduced, never talked. I was that silent persona walking past you while our eyes locked, and I smiled as I saw you caught me staring. Our secret, stolen glimpses with one another made that strange connection deeper. You knew I... Continue Reading →

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