Raffy’s Bistro | Roxas City’s Comfort Diner

Food has always been my best friend whenever I am away from the people I love; it has been the only thing that constantly gives me comfort. It does not ask me questions whenever I express my homesickness, whenever I express my anxiety, whenever I express my happiness—it does not judge me. It’s just there, supporting me. And here in Roxas City, I found such comfort in Raffy’s Bistro.

Location and Ambience: 9/10


Raffy’s Bistro is a small diner located at the heart of the city, along the corners of Abalo and Rizal Streets. The convenience of the location is a great plus, especially for the travellers or visitors. So how do you get there? You can take the tricycle, the main mode of transportation of the city, and tell the driver you are going to Raffy’s Bistro. If they are not familiar with Raffy’s, tell them you are going to Halaran Plaza; it is the same building where the bistro is in. Raffy’s occupies the fourth unit of the building’s ground floor, at the very corner of the streets. The fare would be around 08.00 PHP to 15.00 PHP, depending which part of the city your’e from.

The booths are comfortable, and the lights a mildly dimmed at times, which makes dining a bit more comfortable. The only thing they need to improve is their playlist and the volume of their sound system; it could be annoying and too loud at times.

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Food Selection and Price Range: 8/10

Their menu has a wide range of selection, from pasta to pizza to burgers to meat to seafood and desserts. You can say that their menu is a list of lists: you have several burgers to choose from, you have a selection of pasta, a list of artisan pizza (they even have seafood bipolar pizza, half red and half white pizza topped with several seafood), seafood selection, all-day breakfast, meat choices, and many other choices!

Now let’s talk about money. Their price ranges from 60.00 PHP (cinnamon French roll toast from their all day breakfast menu) to 465.00 PHP (a bucket of Jack Daniel’s ribs). Not bad at all. Their pizza selection is from 180.00 PHP to 290.00 PHP, while the burgers are at 160.00 PHP to 300.00 PHP, and their pasta is at 95.00 PHP to 195.00 PHP.

Food and Service Quality: 8/10

I am not a picky eater, and I like most of what they have, especially their pasta. If you are going for something exotic, you can try their black pasta, which is made with squid ink (fair warning, it may not be for everyone) or their seafood pesto pasta (this is cream-based pesto, by the way). If you are on a tight budget and still want to get full, get their garlic parmesan pasta (this is another personal favorite) or their lasagna rolls.

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When it comes to burgers, their selection is also huge. Try their grilled chicken sandwich or their signature Raffy’s Burger. They also have seafood, and if you decide to get some, I suggest you get their three-way mussel and scallops Rockefeller.

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The staff are well groomed and accommodating. They take and serve your orders with a smile. They also proactive offer if you need a manual official receipt in case you need to liquidate your expenses or if you need to have different ORs for individual liquidation. They also try their best to communicate with their customers through whatever language the customers speak; I find this gesture thoughtful and courteous.

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Overall Rating: 8/10

Raffy’s has been one of my comfort food provider here in Roxas City. Their location, their huge menu selecion, the hospitality of their staff makes the bistro a great place to dine. Their cozy setting is a huge plus too, let alone their efficient staff. Oh, did I mention they also offer delivery service? They have a delivery fee of 20.00 PHP, and you can ask them to include that in the OR, if you need to liquidate the expenses. Whether you are hungry or you just want to relax and have something to nibble on or some sips, this is a good place to visit.

Grilled Chicken Arrabiata (165.00 PHP) and Raffy’s Crepe (90.00 PHP)

Have you been here before? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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