for you,

for you, i thought i was ready to be found,
like the missing piece to complete your set.
for you, i tore down my defenses,
i welcomed the inevitable idea of pain,
i broke down my walls, knowing full well i will cry
in silence in the days to come.
for you, i fell too fast, i felt too much,
another stupid mistake i made,
another crazy step i took.
for you, i am just another someone
you hang out with, another cup of coffee,
another face in your collection,
another name in your list.
for you, i am nothing but a friend,
not any more than that
never will be more than that,
not at all, not ever
for you, i am just another trophy on your shelf,
just another sign of your winning this game.
for you, i am just another smile you’ve earned,
another kiss you’ve stolen,
another hug you’ve taken.
for you, i am just another story to tell,
just another photo to decorate your wall,
just another poetry to brag to your friends.
for you, i am confused, i don’t understand
what i feel, what i am, what we are:
was i led on, or did i chase
a feeling that i created myself?


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