without me,

without me, the sun will still shine
and share its warmth to the world.
without me, the moon will still glow
and show its beauty, conquering the darkness.
without me, the flowers will still bloom
and make this world beautiful.
without me, the seas will still rush to shore
and give comfort to those who are tired.
without me, the birds will still sing their tune
and fill your ears with nature’s music.
without me, your life will go on:
you job’s there to carry on,
you will still have coffee every morning
to keep you awake and warm,
your friends will still be there
to offer a shoulder to lean and cry on.
without me, life is till the same:
it goes on in the same way with me.
without me, you have one less problem:
you don’t need to worry about how i am,
what i do, where i’ve been, whom i’m with.
without me, your life will be easier:
no burden to carry, no liability to think of,
no toxic friend who bothers you with drama.
without me, you are better off in life.
without me, you are free.


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