How to be an Eco-Warrior Coffee Lover

Coffee is almost a staple for this generation, and coffee shops have become a hideout of students and young professionals nowadays. Study outs, business meetings, catching ups, and even dates are becoming more and more frequent in these places. With the growing number of people glorifying to-go coffee, the amount of single-use paper and plastic waste are also becoming alarming. This generation is more than just coffee lovers though, we are also eco-warriors. Here are some things we can do to still enjoy our glorious coffee and save our Mother Nature at the same time.



Ask for a For-Here Mug. If you are planning to stay in the coffee shop longer, especially if you are catching up with a friend, talking with your date, reading a book, or studying out, ask your barista to put your order in a for-here mug. Whether you order hot or iced beverage, their for-here mug is perfect! Using a for-here mug helps us save one paper or plastic cup, one cup sleeve, and one cup cover or dome. Imagine the number of disposable container waste we are able to reduce when we have our orders in a for-here mugs!

img_4054Bring Your Own Tumbler. If you consider yourself hygiene-particular and using a for-here mug disgusts you, you can bring your own tumbler. Most coffee shops (like Starbucks) also offer discounts when you use your own tumbler to order your drink. This not only helps us reduce paper or plastic waste, it also puts you at ease that you are using a clean container for your drink. You can also just carry with you anytime you want to leave. Investing in a spill-proof and vacuum or double-walled tumbler is a good idea as it can carry your hot or iced drink anytime, anywhere! It doesn’t have to be expensive. So long as it does the job you want it to do, then, it is perfect.

img_4061Switch to Reusable Straws. Ah, the joy that iced coffee offers comes with a price. Not only that it needs a single-use plastic cup, it also needs a straw! Bringing your own reusable straw can help reduce such plastic waste. There are plenty of reusable straws in the market nowadays—metal, glass, or bamboo straws are almost everywhere. Check out Wonderlost PH if you do not have one yet. They have several classy metal straw sets you can carry everywhere! If you are a milk tea lover as well, fret not because they also have a straw for your beloved Asian drink and its sinkers!

img_5296Invest on a Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve. If you are a fan of to-go coffee, you have most likely used a lot of coffee cup sleeves already. These single use paper, plastic, or canvas coffee cup sleeves almost always end up as trash. We never reuse them, let’s be honest. Having your own coffee cup sleeve will help us reduce these waste as well. Check out Shiq Bags on Instagram! They have personalized reusable coffee cup sleeves made from leather, which you can use both for the disposable cups or your own tumbler. They come in different colors, and you can have your named etched on them too! You are not only eliminating single-use waste, you are also being chic and unique. Your to-go coffee cup would surely stand out.

Making these simple adjustments to the way we enjoy our coffee will surely help us eliminate single-use waste. And if you have other ideas to reduce paper and plastic waste while enjoying our coffee, let us know in the comment section below!


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