Of Love, Being in Love, and Being in a Relationship

No relationship can ever be perfect. You can never force your partner to be faithful in a way that you think you deserve to be treated. In a relationship, we can always be loyal, but rarely honest. What’s important—I guess—is that at the end of the day, you find each other side by side, and you’re happy knowing that he’s yours.

We need to enjoy the relationship while it lasts, for if you waste your time in doubts and insecurities, you’ll never appreciate how wonderful it is to fall in love. Getting hurt is a fact that we bargained for when we chose to love. You must begin to realize that kisses don’t always mean something, that promises can be broken just as quick as they are made, that sometimes, good-byes are really forever.

Always remember to say “I love you” with extreme caution, because if used in the wrong way, someone will end up getting hurt. Remember it shouldn’t be said just because you’re expected to say it. Make sure you know how and when to use it, because once you’re in love, it should not be that easy to fall out of love.


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