What Is Hantavirus and Why We Shouldn’t Worry About It

Amidst the growing public concern about the CoVID-19 outbreak, people on social media are now expressing their fears about a possible “new” pandemic—the hantavirus. The alarm came after a report broke out about a man from Yunnan Province in southwest China dying from the hantavirus. According to Global Times, the man was travelling on board... Continue Reading →

Crystal Power Tarot Deck Review

The Crystal Power Tarot is my first ever deck, which was given to me by a close friend during the holidays last year, and this is what I use to read for myself. I have been talking about my interest in cartomancy for the longest time and the superstitious belief that you should not buy... Continue Reading →

Word War: Dozen vs Dozens

Quite recently, an international donut franchise announced, through a social media post, a local promotion where people can get two boxes of donuts for PHP 500.00 (USD 9.88) and advertised it with "get two dozens of donuts for only PHP 500.00. In the comment section of their social media page, several people engaged in argument... Continue Reading →

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