Knight of Broken Wands

i open my eyes to the light of day;
i heave sighs hoping the bleeding goes away.
but my day all starts in total darkness
as prayer departs from my godless lips.

i close my eyes in the darkness of nights,
my breath heavy with pain as the past bites
and shadows of old i try to run away from
chase my sanity and relentlessly they come.

i raise my hands in the coldness of this empty,
my mind racing, remembering any spell handy,
but my memory betrays me giving me only
a vivid image of me failing and being a liability.

i try to fight off the demons, but it’s me they bludgeon.
and now my cups are empty, my swords all rusty;
my pentacles no longer have their powers,
and from my spells no demon even cowers.

the wand i wield is now broken from my all battles,
and the walls i built are now around me in rubbles.
alas! my cards are spent all from one to ten,
my page, my queen, even my king had me forsaken.

i try to close my eyes in the darkness of this day
hoping, finally, my soul will see its longed-for rest
as my powers try to keep the demons at bay,
but this knight of broken wands is beyond its days best.

darkness, cold, and sheer emptiness is what awaits me:
no heroes welcome, no feast, no ballads from bards
to greet my return, yes, nothing but an empty plea
as all hopes and dreams and strength my soul discards.


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