Ad Astra Abyssoque

A dark and stormy night does come once more,
A shroud of sadness wraps around my heart,
A pain that’s all familiar, I abhor,
A cycle that I hoped I’d played a part.

I thought that I had conquered it, but no,
It rises again, a towering wave,
And all my efforts, I’m starting to know,
Have proven worthless, powerless to save.

The tears that fall, a constant stream they be,
A symphony of sorrow: mournful song,
The weight of all my worries, I can see,
And in its shadow, I cannot stay strong.

With heavy heart and eyes that hold much pain,
I see the darkness creeping close again.
A spiral I have sought to leave behind,
Yet here I am, once again in its bind.

The weight of life’s decisions bears me down,
And fears and doubts within my mind abound.
The thoughts and feelings that I can’t escape,
A burden I can’t seem to disengage.

I seek the comfort of my inward cave,
And try to hide from all that I can save.
But deep within, a voice still dares to say,
“You are not yours to give up in this way.”

So I will rise, with courage to renew,
And battle on against this thing I rue.
For life is precious, and I have the might,
To conquer this, and claim the day and night.

The light that shines within, it’s still aglow,
A beacon in the darkness, it shines bright,
Though the storm rages on, I shall not yield,
I’ll stand my ground and fight this endless night.

And still I hope, and still I will persist,
For I have faced this demon—I’ll not miss.
With every step, I’ll learn to grow and strive,
And find my way back to a brighter life.

“Ad Astra Abyssoque” is a Latin phrase that translates to “To the stars and the abyss.” It suggests a journey that involves overcoming obstacles and diving into the unknown in order to reach a greater goal or destination.

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