Behind the Name

When I started this blog, I called it Knavish Kirby Keith, which basically describes me. However, as the time went on, I decided to give it a better name. I settled with Organized Chaos, an oxymoron that makes perfectly sense for my blog.

My blog includes random contents, from food review to book review to short fiction to poetry to instructional materials–no common theme at that, a chaos. However, it is organized. So at that, my blog became an oxymoron, which is true. Time came when I am about to register the domain for myself, I found out that it has already been taken by someone else. My heart broke as I did not want to change my blog’s name. Fortunately, I came up with a better move that changing it–adopting the British variant of the word organized.

Thus, my blog became My Organised Chaos. This is not only because the domain was taken, but also because I am a huge Anglophile who obsess over English/British culture, from literature, TV series, movies, food, etc., but in a good way.

Quite recently, I have lost the love I had at first for writing and blogging. I have been inactive, and I haven’t written anything despite all the prompts and ideas I get from around me, and this brought the change of name–Blog of a Lost Boy. My blog has the same theme–a mix of everything, a state of confusion, a state of loss. And I hope you enjoy your stay here, the Blog of a Lost Boy, who is not ready to be found.

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