Let’s Get LoCo!

Coffee has always been a staple for me; I cannot function well unless I have my cup of coffee to start the day. And when it comes to coffee, I am an oxymoron: I am both adventurous and particular about how it is prepared. Here in Roxas, I get my beans from supermarkets (usually Sumatra... Continue Reading →

Raffy’s Bistro | Roxas City’s Comfort Diner

Food has always been my best friend whenever I am away from the people I love; it has been the only thing that constantly gives me comfort. It does not ask me questions whenever I express my homesickness, whenever I express my anxiety, whenever I express my happiness—it does not judge me. It’s just there,... Continue Reading →

A Pleasant SurpRice!

From September 2015 to March 2016, I was in Tacloban City for a temporary work assignment. There, I introverted extremely, to the point that the only consolation I got after a day’s work in to masturdate in several local food places. And one of my favorite places to eat there, which I love so dearly,... Continue Reading →

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